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Camara facilities double glazing and glass Aislaglas
The simple composition of a glass chamber consists of two or more windows and a separate profile, which define a sealed chamber of air or gases (SF6, argon or krypton). The sealing of the chamber is ensured by a double barrier seal consisting of organic sealants, ensuring mechanical stability.
Due to its configuration, is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, for a simple glass
To improve the performance of this composition, can be integrated solar control glass, reinforced thermal insulation, sound insulation, security ... Offering a solution tailored to your particular problem.

1. Climalit Certifications
N Brand is a hallmark of Product Quality Certification granted by each manufacturer AENOR independently, based on the requirements defined in European standards UNE-EN 1279

Increased thermal comfort CLIMALIT SGG PLUS: More protecion against cold and heat
PLUS ® SGG CLIMALIT reaches a level of insulation up to 3 times for a basic double glazing, getting maintain optimal winter chill
In summer, PLUS SGG CLIMALIT halving the entry of direct solar energy, for a basic double glazing, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the room.
Greater savings CLIMALIT PLUS SGG
SGG CLIMALIT PLUS can reduce heating costs and cooling, losing less heat through the windows in winter and let in less heat in summer.

Aislaglass has focused mainly on the seal Applus +, based on the requirements of the UNE-EN 1279.

Main features double glazing
Aislaglas • Reduces noise
• Prevents condensation
• Control and regulate the passage of light
• Protects both cold and heat, regulating the entry and / or losses
• Provides substantial cost savings in energy consumption (heating and / or air conditioning)
• Reduce CO2 emissions
• No complex maneuvers placement and fits any need

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